Leadership for 2018

​                 President - Anita Fithen

Executive Vice President - Tina Scheafer

Late Model Vice President - Tony Reichard

Treasurer - Tom Kathman

Secretary - Debbie Jones

Membership - Tina Scheafer

Event Coordinator - Linda Williams

MCA Regional Director - Jim Wilkerson

Social Media - Tina Scheafer & Kurt Zaiser

Board of Directors

Anita Fithen, Tina Scheafer 

Tony Reichard, Tom Kathman,

Debbie Jones, Jim Wilkerson, 

Tony Fithen, Herb Wallace, and Kurt Zaiser



Each year we raise money at our annual car show for our charities.

100% of the money from our Pony Trail goes directly to Hospice of Cincinnati. The money raised from our car show goes to support Reach Out Lakota, Animal Friends, and the Heroes Fund. We love to give back to our community! 

                   Saddle up with .....

We Enjoy Our Time Together

Cars are fun, but what makes them really enjoyable is having someone to share them with.  At QCM, we love to laugh, eat, have fun, travel, and just do life together. 

At QCM, we enjoy and promote the Ford Mustang. Our main objective is to raise money for our charities.  Our QCM family enjoys getting together socially and attending cruise- ins and car shows.  

We Love to Work on Cars


We love to give back to our community!

​Queen City Mustangers

Whether it's in getting an award or just that smile and hug that we all need at times, QCM makes sure everyone goes home having been blessed in some way. Great friends and great cars...It doesn't get much better!

We Truly Care

Everyone Wins

One of the many great benefits of QCM is the vast array of knowledge about the Ford Mustang.  Helpful advice is only a call away about any subject.

The thing that stands out more than anything about QCM are the lasting friendships that are made. Many charitable contributions to the greater Cincinnati area are made by our clubs fundraising efforts. This further demonstrates the type of caring and supportive people we have in our club.